Church of Saint Blaise, Vichy

With its statue of the Virgin which stands at 42 m and its bell tower which culminates at 67 m, the Church of Saint-Blaise already draws the gaze from the crossing of the Allier. It is embedded in Old Vichy built on the rock of CÈlestins. This art deco gem incorporates the ´old church´, dedicated from the very beginning to Notre-Dame.

About this building

This is a building of elongated plan ending in a circular apse crowned with a dome. This church stands out for its art deco style, and the use of concrete for its architecture during the works of the 20th century. The interior features magnificent frescoes and stained glass windows.

Key Features

  • Interior features

Visitors information

  • Train station within 250m
  • Non-accessible toilets in the building

Other nearby buildings

Aigueperse Holy-Chapel

Built in 1475, work was completed in 1496 and the chapel was built on the model of the Riom Sainte-Chapelle. As a Sainte-Chapelle, it housed a relic of the Passion of Christ, a thorn in his crown.

Church of Notre-Dame, Châtel-Montagne

A superb example of Romanesque architecture in Auvergne, this church has a nave and narrow aisles from the beginning of the 12th century, while its ambulatory, the radiating chapels and its two-story porch date from the end of the same century. By foot, access via the "Chemin des Dames" offers an interesting view of the building, which is one of the most famous Romanesque churches in Bourbonnais.

Collégiale Notre-Dame d'Aigueperse

The first construction of the church dates back to 1016, but it did not take its final shape until the end of the 12th century, when the choir and transept were erected as they are now. The rest of the building collapsed for lack of maintenance in 1727 and was rebuilt in 1734.