Église Saint-Michel-des-Lions

The church of Saint-Michel-des-Lions is a Gothic church, built between the 14th and 16th centuries, which owes its name to its four lion statues. Two of them guard the entrance, another one the interior of the church and the last one is the place of the Presidial which observes the church. Saint-Loup, bishop of Limoges, gave a chapel of Saint-Michel to the canons of Saint Martial around 630. Two fires in Limoges, in 1123 and 1147, destroyed the church. It was the monk Pierre de Verteuil who rebuilt it. The church was consecrated in 1213. But this new church collapsed and the foundation stone of a new church was laid in 1364. In 1552, the church was extended by an additional bay to the west, remarkable for its large windows. Work was carried out in the following centuries, particularly on the bell tower (1604, 1754, 1810, etc.).

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Limoges Cathedral

The construction of the cathedral began with the choir in the 13th century, and continued in particular in the 15th century (the works were interrupted for the first time in 1327 for lack of resources). Work resumed in the 19th century, particularly in the nave and narthex.

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Wall-tower of a church with bell gable

Church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens de Texon

The Church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Links Texon, currently in the town of Flavignac in the department of Haute-Vienne, dates from the fifteenth century. The building, listed as a Historic Monument, has beautiful wooden furniture, three altars, altarpieces and baptismal font made of granite.

Church of Saint-Pierre, Lesterps

The monastery was founded at the end of the 10th century by Jordan I, lord of Chabanais. A parish was also created, served by the monks of the monastery. In 1040, the primitive church is destroyed. A new building is built by Gautier, the superior of the community, who is buried there in 1070.