Et'hem Bej Mosque

The construction of this mosque began during the late 18th century by Molla Bey and was completed by his son Haxhi Ethem Bey in 1821.

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St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is the Catholic Cathedral of Tirana. Built between 1994 and 2002, the cathedral is dedicated to the apostle St. Paul, who is said to have founded the Christian community of Durrës. St. Paul's Cathedral replaces the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Tirana as the seat of the archdiocese. The land of the cathedral was donated by the Albanian state to the Catholic Church during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Albania in 1993. When the new archdiocese was established in 1992, the cathedral was transferred from Durrës to Tirana.

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Kokonozi Mosque

The Kokonozi Mosque, also known as the Mahmoud Agha Kokonozi Mosque or the Mosque of the New Bazaar, is a historic mosque dating from the mid-18th century. First mentioned in 1775, the mosque was extensively restored in 1853 and 1933. The Kokonozi Mosque is one of the few Muslim places of worship in Tirana that survived the Hoxha dictatorship and was not completely destroyed under the atheism decreed by the state in 1966. The mosque served as a storage room for food and tobacco. The mosque was reopened on 18 February 1991.