Gertrudis church

The Gertrudis church in the Frisian town of Workum is a late Gothic brick church, founded in 1480 and resumed in 1523. The free-standing church tower was built after 1523 but remained unfinished. However, in 1613, an onion dome was applied to the second section of the tower.

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Dedgum Church

Nothing is left of the old church of Dedgum, except the gate of Aijlva from 1707 - now part of the Fries Museum. The current church of Dedgum dates from the last half of the nineteenth century - but has special elements.


Grote Kerk

The church of Allingawier dates from the 17th century. The building is sober, both outside and inside. The church is part of the tourist route "Aldfaers Erf" and houses a special sound representation.

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Bartholomeus Church

Between Blauwhuis and IJlst, along the ancient winding dikes that protected the people in former times against the Middelzee, is the church of Westhem. It lies on a mound and is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew.