Karesuando kyrka

The Karesuando Church is a wooden church building in the North of Sweden, at the border with Finland. The church is the northernmost church of the country. The church was built in 1816 after Sweden lost the war with Russia. Borders were remarked and the main town of Markkina became Finnish. This meant that Sweden needed a new principal town and parish and Karuesando was chosen. The church was replaced in 1905 and restored to its present state in 1954.

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Other nearby buildings

Kautokeino Church

The church of Kautokeino was built in 1958 on the site of the old church in Kautokeino, which was burnt down by the Germans in 1944. After the Orthodox chapel in Neiden, which dates from the 16th century, it was the oldest church building in Finnmark, built around 1701. The new church, which is a long wooden church, was designed by the architect Finn Bryn.

Masi Church

Masi Church is a long church built in 1965 after German forces burned down the previous church consecrated in 1931 in 1944. Today the service is celebrated in Sámi and Norwegian.