Kiruna church

The Kiruna church, designed by the architect Gustaf Wickman, was built between 1909 and 1912. Inspired by Norwegian stave churches, its interior, on the other hand, features Art Nouveau elements, such as the altar, painted by Prince Eugene.

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Gällivare kyrka

The Gällivare Church is a wooden church building which was inaugurated in February 1882, replacing an older church. The wooden church was built in 1878-1882 according to the plans of the architect Emil Viktor Langlet. A reconstruction was carried out in 1966-1967 according to the plans of Bengt Romare when the arms of the eastern and western cross were extended.

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Karesuando kyrka

The Karesuando Church is a wooden church building in the North of Sweden, at the border with Finland. The church is the northernmost church of the country. The church was built in 1816 after Sweden lost the war with Russia. Borders were remarked and the main town of Markkina became Finnish. This meant that Sweden needed a new principal town and parish and Karuesando was chosen. The church was replaced in 1905 and restored to its present state in 1954.

Skjomen Church

Skjomen Church is a wooden church built in 1893. The architect of the church is Ole Scheistrøen