Marketplace Mosque

The Baščaršija mosque ("Marketplace mosque") was built in 1528. Originally, the Baščaršija mosque had a wooden dome that burned in a fire in 1697, after which the present mosque was built. In 1762, the mosque was repainted by Mehmed-pasha Muhsinović. The mosque also had to be rebuilt after the Second World War.

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Other nearby buildings

Emperor's Mosque

The Emperor's Mosque, built in 1462, is one of the first mosques built in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the first in Sarajevo. Throughout the history of the mosque, it has been modernized and renovated. During the Second World War and the war of the 1990s, the mosque, like many others, was damaged but was restored. It is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Old Sephardi Synagogue

The Old Sephardi Synagogue was constructed in 1581. In both 1670 and 1778 the building burned down and rebuilt. It currently serves as a Jewish museum.