Motorway Church in Windach

The motorway church in Windach on the A 96 is a tent-shaped church. The construction by the Munich architect Josef Wiedemann serves primarily as a parish church. The simultaneous use as a motorway church was an obvious choice due to its proximity to the A 96 motorway. Inside, the light wood panelling of the roof creates a warm atmosphere. At the centre of the dodecagonal floor plan is the altar, around which chairs are arranged in a circle.

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Wikimedia Commons/GFreihalter

St. Johannes Baptist Church

The St. Johannes Baptist Catholic parish church was built in the 1750s near the site of the demolished Wessobrunn monastery. The rococo building was built according to the plans of Joseph Schmuzer and his son Franz Xaver. The stucco decoration was made by Tassilo Zöpf, the frescoes by Johann Baptist Baader.

Wikimedia Commons/KlausF

St. Ulrich's Church

St. Ulrich's Church was built from a porch, which served as a market for St. Ulrich pilgrims and as a burial place for the inhabitants of Augsburg. As early as 1457, the first conversion into a Benedictine sermon house for the community of St. Ulrich took place. In 1526, the church was given to the Protestants as a parish church, a use which it would not have definitively until the Peace of Westphalia (1648). In 1709-10, the congregation led by Marx Loeser decided to fundamentally rebuild the church, which was in need of renovation in the meantime, and the church received approximately its present appearance.

New synagogue

The New synagogue in Augsburg was built between 1913 and 1917 designed by the architects Fritz Landauer and Heinrich Lömpel. The synagogue is atypical in being richly decorated with iconographic decorations including a colored mosaic above the Torah ark.