Parruca Mosque

It is a mosque in the historic neighborhood of Parruca in Shkodra. The new mosque was built in 1937 on the remains of a old mosque with no special style or any artistic ornament. It was then destroyed by the end of 1967 as a result of the communist anti-religious campaign. In 2017 the rebuilt mosque was inaugurated.

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Abu Bakr Mosque

Also known as the Great Mosque , it is the main mosque of the city of Shkodra. It was built in 1994–1995 on the site of the former Fushë Çela mosque under the sponsorship of Saudi Arabia. The two minarets are 41.11 meters high. The central dome has a height of 24 meters. The mosque can hold up to 1300 believers.

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Cathedral of the Nativity of Jesus

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Jesus is the Albanian Orthodox Cathedral of Shkodër. The building was completed in 2000, near the site of a wooden church, which was severely damaged by an attack in August 1998. The present stone building consists of a large nave with several domes and a bell tower separate from the main body.

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Shkodër Cathedral

Shkodër Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to St. Stephen, built between 1858 and 1867. It was not until 1890 that the bell tower was completed and equipped with three bells, bought in Venice by the philanthropists Filip Parruca and the brothers Mark and Pjetër Pema. With the Cultural Revolution of 1967, the Cathedral was transformed into a Sports Palace.