Raižiai Mosque

The Raižiai Mosque is a Tatar mosque, the only one in Lithuania that functioned during the Soviet era. The mosque was first mentioned in the sources in 1663, but the present mosque was built in 1889. Renovated in 1993, it houses the oldest known minbar (pulpit) dating from 1686.

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Church and Monastery of Pažaislis

The Pažaislis Church and Monastery is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Lithuania. Construction work was carried out from 1662 to 1712. In 1832, the complex was closed by the Russians and later converted into the Russian Orthodox Church. After 1920, the ruined church was returned to the Catholics. After the Second World War, the Soviet authorities transformed the complex into an archive centre, a psychiatric hospital and, in 1966, an art gallery. In 1990, the buildings were returned to the nuns and a restoration was undertaken.

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Kaunas Mosque

The Kaunas Mosque was built in 1860 as a wooden mosque. Rebuilt in 1930, it is the only brick mosque in Lithuania. During World War II the mosque was closed and during the Soviet period the mosque was used for various purposes by a circus, a library and an art museum. The mosque returned to its original use in 1989 and in 1991 the first services took place.