Red Mosque of Berat

The mosque is located just outside the citadel within the Berat Castle. The basic dimensions were 9.9 to 9.1 meters and had a wooden roof. It was built with red bricks and limestone, hence the name.

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Other nearby buildings

Wikimedia Commons/Martin Brož

Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity is a medieval Byzantine church and one of the cultural monuments that make up the historic centres of Berat and Gjirokastra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church is believed to have been built in the 13th or 14th century.

Wikimedia Commons/Martin Brož

White Mosque of Berat

The White Mosque ( Turkish : Beyaz Camii ) is a ruined mosque in Berat Castle. It received the status of cultural monument in 1961. But during the communist period, the mosque was badly damaged. Its minaret was destroyed. The prayer place and congregation place was used as a football field as it still is today.

Flickr/Zhan Zhara

Bachelor's Mosque

This mosque built in 1928 was formerly known as the Sylejman Pasha Mosque. It is listed as a culutral heritage site of Albania. Its frescoes on the interior also date from the 1920s.