Choral Synagogue

The Choral Synagogue is the only Synagogue still functioning in Kaunas. Dating from the 18th century, the present building was built later in 1872-73 under the impulse of Levinas Minkovskis, a Kaunas merchant. The synagogue is called 'Choir' because the rituals it hosts are accompanied by singing.

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Hasidic Kloyz in Kaunas

The Hasidic Kloyz in Kaunas is a Hasidic synagogue built in 1880. The kloyz has an irregularly T-shaped ground plan. Its basement is situated on the southern side. Its eastern part contained the prayer hall lit by twelve windows, while the wider two-storey western part contained a vestibule and the women’s section. The structure is built of red brick, plastered, and covered with a gable roof of asbestos sheets. The irregular ground plan was determined by the form of the plot, situated at the intersection of two streets. The Neo-Renaissance brick building is now an educational institution.


Neviazh Kloyz

The Neviazh Kloyz is a former synagogue built in 1850 out of brick, plaster and tiles. Now disused, the historicist style building was restored and adapted as a conference room between 2003 and 2005.