Holy Spirit Catholic Church

The Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Paks was built in 1988-1990 on the plans of architect Imre Makovecz. The building is a masterpiece of organic art, combining ancient Hungarian and Christian architecture.

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Center for Jewish Art

Synagogue in Baja

The synagogue, designed by the Christian architect Lajos Frey, is a magnificent Neo-Classicist building erected in 1842-45. Its western (entrance) and northern (street) façades are decorated by Corinthian porticos. The interior is spanned with sail vaults and was richly painted, probably in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. In 1980 the building was converted into a library, but its interior was almost completely preserved.

Wikimedia Commons/Globetrotter19

Lutheran church

The Lutheran church of Siófok was built in the 1980s in an organic style according to the plans of Imre Makovecz. Much of the wood needed for the construction of the church was sent from Oulu, Siófok's twin town, so the public space around the church was named Oulu Park. One of the seven towers of the Hungarian pavilion at the World Exhibition in Seville in 1992 served as a model for the tower of this church.