Lutheran church

The Lutheran church of Siófok was built in the 1980s in an organic style according to the plans of Imre Makovecz. Much of the wood needed for the construction of the church was sent from Oulu, Siófok's twin town, so the public space around the church was named Oulu Park. One of the seven towers of the Hungarian pavilion at the World Exhibition in Seville in 1992 served as a model for the tower of this church.

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Other nearby buildings

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Tihany Abbey

The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany was founded by King Andrew I in 1055. The monastery remained miraculously intact throughout the Middle Ages, but an unexpected fire in 1683 destroyed the monastery buildings. Reconstruction began in 1719 according to the plans of the Carmelite architect Márton Wittwer. The medieval buildings were demolished and in more than three decades, in 1754, the large baroque church with two towers was rebuilt. In 1889, during a major renovation of the church, it was decided to decorate the square with wall paintings. In 1950, following the dissolution of the monastic orders by the state, the Benedictines had to leave the monastery again (they had to leave it briefly from 1786 to 1802 following a decree of Joseph II). The parish survived, the monastery first became a social centre and then a museum was set up there. The Benedictines were able to return to Tihany in 1990, but the convent complex was not returned to the state until 1994.

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Székesfehérvár Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Hungary and one of the coronation churches in Hungary, having been the coronation church of Bela in 1235. The cathedral was used as a mosque during the Turkish occupation. After the liberation of Hungary, the authorities decided to build a new church on the site, and the present Baroque building was erected from 1743 to 1771.