Marmiroi Church

The Marmiroi Church was first mentioned in 1307, but it is believed to have been built much earlier, possibly in the 12th century. It is likely that this church once belonged to a monastery and that it served as a model for the construction of the church of the monastery of Saint Mary of Zvërnec. From 1971, the church, which was in a dilapidated state, was restored.

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Muradie Mosque

The mosque was built in 1537 by the famous Ottoman Turkish architect Mimar Sinan during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. It is famouse for the intricate brick work.

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Hajji Bendo Mosque

The Hajji Bendo Mosque is one of the works of Ottoman architecture in Albania, built in the 18th century during the reign of Ali Pasha (1788-1822). The mosque was damaged during the communist period. Its dome, once made of red brick, is now covered with concrete. The Muslim frescoes and murals in the mosque are in danger of disappearing. Half of its stone minaret has disappeared.


Ardenica Monastery

The Ardenica Monastery was erected by the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos in 1282 in honour of his victory over the Kingdom of Sicily during the siege of Berat. Closed and in a state of ruin in 1967, the monastery was saved thanks to its reputation as the wedding venue of Skanderbeg (1443 - 1468), Albanian national hero. The monastery has been rebuilt since 1988.