Nativity Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Nativity is a neoclassical Orthodox church built between 1826 and 1836. During the Second World War, the cathedral was bombed by the Soviets and Germans. After the war, under the rule of the USSR, the cathedral was transformed into an exhibition hall and the outer bell tower was demolished. The temple was rebuilt in 1997, six years after Moldova's independence, and the cathedral was reopened and consecrated a second time.

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Căpriana Monastery

Căpriana monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova, mentioned for the first time in the 1420s. Having the status of a royal monastery, the monastery establishment has benefited from the care of several rulers of Moldova including Stephen III of Moldavia (1457-1504), Petru Rareș (1527-1538). The first stone church, dedicated to the Assumption, was built during the reign of Alexander the Good, around 1425. In 1840, a second church of the monastery was built, dedicated to Saint George, and in 1903 a third church was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In 1962, the monastery was closed: a sanatorium for children with tuberculosis was opened in the cells. It was only in 1989 that the monastery reopened.