St. Nicholas' Church

St. Nicholas' Church is a fortified church, once a wooden church which was one of the oldest of its kind in Estonia, built shortly after the Danish conquest of Lindanis (Tallinn) around 1230. The stone church was completed by 1370 at the latest. Only the walls of the original church have survived. The present appearance of the church owes much to the extensive reconstructions carried out between 1856 and 1858.

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Juuru Church

The church of Juuru dates back to the 13th century. The congregation of Juuru considers the year 1238 as the date of birth of its church and the foundation of the congregation, which is celebrated every year in September on St. Michael's Day. Originally a stone building without a tower, the present appearance of the church owes much to its last complete reconstruction in 1893-1895.

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St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church in Jõelähtme is a Gothic church founded in the 13th century. Originally a wooden church, the present appearance of the church owes much to a renovation carried out in 1878 by the architect Friedrich Mod. During a fire in 1910, the church tower and roof were destroyed. The fire was followed by the construction of a massive new tower, according to the neo-gothic design of 1911-1912 by the architect F. Modi.