Steinperf Chapel

The old Steinperf chapel is part of the region's sacred half-timbered heritage. Built from 1670 to 1687, it has a ridge turret and a three-sided end.

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Niedereisenhausen Church

The old Niedereisenhausen church is a half-timbered building dating from 1659-62 with a particularly authentic Baroque interior. Demolition was planned in the 1970s, but the church was bought in 1980 and restored from 2014 to 2016.

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Hommertshausen Church

The former Protestant church in Hommertshausen is a baroque half-timbered church built in 1656. In 1956, due to the widening of Schelde-Lahn-Straße, it was moved approximately 2 metres throughout the building, which was an unusual and important achievement at the time.

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Quotshausen Church

The church of Quotshausen, built in the third quarter of the 17th century, is a half-timbered church with a wooden choir arch inside and a gallery on four sides.